Your Foot Pain May Be Just the Beginning

Preventive diabetic foot care is right here in Turnersville, NJ

If you have diabetes, you're more susceptible to foot problems. Don't let it get out of hand. You could risk losing your foot, or even part of your leg. Take care of the issue before it comes to a head with help from Diabetic Foot Center. Talk to your physician, then visit our foot center in Turnersville, NJ for a consultation.

Don't let your diabetes confine you to a wheelchair. When you visit Diabetic Foot Center, we'll get you back on your feet. You can trust us to:

  • Measure your feet precisely
  • Evaluate your existing footwear
  • Ensure your new footwear fits properly

These steps are critical to ensuring proper foot health for the present and future. For preventive diabetic foot care right here in Turnersville, NJ, call Diabetic Foot Center today.