Ensure the Best Foot Care for Your Patients in Turnersville, NJ

You can trust the pedorthist at Diabetic Foot Care

Your patients' health is your number one priority. So why should you put your faith in the folks at Diabetic Foot Care? We offer specialized foot solutions courtesy of a certified foot care professional. Our American Board Certified pedorthist also happens to be our owner and operator, Daniel Dalsey. Schedule an appointment with us and we can discuss partnership opportunities.

As you may already know, our clients must be referred by a physician before we can assist them. They need you to write them a prescription if you think our services are necessary. We like to create a mutually beneficial relationship with our local physicians in Turnersville, NJ.

We'd like to show you how our services benefit your patients. Ask your hospital to host us for a clinic on preventive care and wound management for diabetic patients. Would you like more information? Call us today at (732) 281-3134.