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Preventive Care

Take a step in the right direction today with preventive foot care from Diabetic Foot Center in Turnersville, NJ.

Comfort Shoes and Insoles

Embrace comfort and style with custom shoes and insoles from Diabetic Foot Center.


Prescription foot solutions are the answer to your problems. Call Diabetic Foot Center today for your prescription.

Are Your Aching Feet Slowing You Down?

Find the solution in Turnersville, NJ with prescription shoes

You rely on your feet to carry you through good times and bad. It's easy to take them for granted-until they begin to give you problems. Your foot problems could be caused by old age, diabetes or another health condition. But that shouldn't stop you from putting your best foot forward. Are you ready to get back on your feet? Call your podiatrist, then visit Diabetic Foot Center.

Are you a podiatrist or family physician? Podiatrists know the value of quality prescription shoes. That's why they recommend Diabetic Foot Center to their patients in Turnersville, NJ. Call us today to begin a mutually beneficial partnership.

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Diabetic Foot Care: If you have diabetes, you already have to deal with complications from glucose issues. Don't let the disease endanger your ability to walk, too.

Preventative Care: Are you susceptible to foot problems? Don't let your condition get worse before seeking treatment.

Comfort Shoes and Insoles: When it comes to shoes, trendiness can get you only so far. Don't risk your comfort and health for a pair of painful high-heels.

Braces, Prescription & Custom-Made Shoes: Have you been referred to us by a doctor? Trust your podiatrist and Diabetic Foot Center for your prescription.

Shop: It's about time you found shoes that are both comfortable and appealing. Don't let your feet suffer any longer. Ready to stride in comfort? Shop our selection of diabetic approved shoes today.

For Physicians: You want to give your patients the best care possible. If you're a physician or podiatrist, call Diabetic Foot Center. Let's work together to get your patients back on their feet.

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